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Hard Money Lenders Loan for Starting a Business

The hard money is secured by a real estate asset like a property, therefore, it’s known as hard money. It is often supplied the private lenders instead of the banks.

A person or an organization that has enough money to lend is known as a hard money lender. Usually, the hard money lenders work individually and they have enough cash on hand. These people lend money as a business to a small number of people. On the contrary, the organizations that work as hard money lenders lend money to a huge number of people and small businesses.

Many hard money lenders offer cash to the businesses on the conditions that the business will pay them a separate share from their future earnings.

Some hard money lenders secure the loan with the business owner’s property when providing the personal loan to startup businesses. You cannot get a loan from these lenders if you don’t have an asset like a home. However, there are some hard money lenders that will offer you a huge amount of cash on the conditions that you will be paying them a share from future earnings. These lenders attach your card to their system where the payments are automatically deducted when they enter your account.

We are an independent “fee only” Registered Investment Advisory firm that manages balanced portfolios for individuals, families, trust/estates, retirment plans and endowment funds. Clients’ accounts are separately-managed pursuant to a carefully articulated Investment Policy Statement (IPS), developed and maintained in a collaborative effort with each individual client.

SIMI only transacts business in states where it is properly registered or exempted from registration requirements. Form ADV, Part II, is available to any party interested in developing a greater understanding of Sheffield Investment activities.

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