About the CFA Charter








Since it was first introduced in 1963, the Chartered Financial Analyst® designation, or CFA Charter, has become the most respected and recognized investment credential in the world.

Earning the CFA charter demonstrates mastery of the skills needed for investment analysis and decision making in today's fast-evolving global financial industry. The CFA Program is a globally recognized, graduate-level curriculum that provides a strong foundation of the real-world investment analysis and portfolio management skills and practical knowledge needed in today's investment industry.

CFA charterholders comprise a global community of more than 100,000 investment professionals who have set themselves apart for their commitment to the highest ethical and professional standards and their dedication to serve the interests of investors and society throughout their careers.

CFA charterholders are members of the CFA Institute, which advocates for investment professionals and market fairness with regulatory bodies through its regional offices and a network of more than 135 local member-organized societies around the world. The CFA Institute seeks to create an environment where investors' interests come first, financial markets function at their best, and economies grow.