SIMI has identified a group of core values which serve as the foundation for governing our relationship with our clients, the members of our firm, and the larger investment community. Identifying this group of core values provides the framework for our corporate identity - who we are as an organization.

Client Focus

  • Serving our clients with the highest level of integrity and to the very best of our capabilities is the reason for our existence. We believe this mindset will provide value to each client relationship.

Individual Focus

  • We are in constant pursuit of excellence in the performance of all tasks, accept responsibility for our actions, subscribe to the notion of respectful interaction and possess a passion for fairness.
  • We are all on a journey of lifetime learning as a means towards the goal of increased value to clients and family.

Firm Focus

  • Enjoying ourselves and maintaining a pleasant working environment are important elements of our success.
  • We are a solutions focused organization that recognizes the importance of team collaboration in problem solving, candor in our interactions and the avoidance of judgmental behavior.
  • We manage our business with fiscal prudence to maintain an atmosphere of ongoing stability.